Friday, April 16, 2010

Ten Things About Me...

1. When I was 5 I had an imaginary family based on the family in the Sound of Music.

2. I'm slightly afraid of the number 6.

3. I get a thrill whenever I'm in a library.

4. I used to wonder if I was born a boy.

5. I love dresses. I own about 60.

6. As a child I decided I would be a poet, actor, baker and anthropologist, changing occupation from day to day.

7. If there's a heaven, I hope I get to sit chatting with George Orwell, Bertrand Russell, Edward de Bono, Wittgenstein and Elizabeth I all day long.

8. I cry at least once a week, sometimes on buses.

9. I hate the cold.

10. I'd like to own a penthouse apartment.

Thanks to Pip, Meet me at Mikes, for the idea and all the other bloggers who made a list too:)

1 comment:

  1. Lovely
    Sadly I don't have the legs for dresses
    I LOVE and thrive and feel alive in the cold
    I do ADORE a library