Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blue Mountains: Give Me A Sign!

I would like to meet whoever made all of the signs around the Blue Mountains and give them a good kick. They certainly have a strange perception of time and instructions.

At Guvett’s Leap near Blackheath, Myrah and I set off on a bushwalk which, according to the sign, would take an hour return. It took us about double that.

I recounted this to a friend who found it strange: “Normally the times given on the signs are measured according to relatively slow walkers,” she said. Truth be told, it was evidently a walk intended for bushwalkers more skilled than us, but double the time is pretty astonishing!

The reverse occurred also: at the National Park at Glenbrook a sign informed us that our bush trail would take an hour return. We were finished in less than half an hour.

The absence of signs was also rather unhelpful. At the National Park, we wanted to find the ‘Blue Pool’. As the information centre was closed, we read a placard on the pool and then made our way to the park entrance.

There, waiting for us, was a sign to the other pool, the ‘Jellybean Pool’. We looked at each other. Where could we find the Blue Pool? Some nice bushwalkers passed us and filled us in: we walked towards the Jellybean Pool and on the way we’d find a sign indicating the direction for the Blue Pool.

Great. We started following the Jellybean Pool trail, waiting to hit a sign to the Blue Pool. There were none. We ended up going to the Jellybean Pool, which we loved, but it was disappointing that our plans were changed due to a lack of signage.

Or maybe it’s just that we’re blind fools.

Watch our adventures here:

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