Thursday, April 1, 2010

Psycho Crazy Girlfriends

The MnMTravellers’ latest series, ‘The Psycho Crazies’, takes a hilarious look at the outlandish ways people can act when a relationship is in question.

We’ve all done it. Maybe it was that your boyfriend didn’t answer your call or he was home late one night or had spent too long with his female “friend”. Whatever it was, we’ve all had moments of “psycho craziness”.

The MnMTravellers present the ‘psycho crazies’ series, a snapshot of how people sometimes act in their relationships. These short videos portray various situations in which both girls and guys overreact when worried by their partner. A girl agonises over why her boyfriend hasn’t responded to her text, another has her relationship ruined when an overzealous friend intervenes.

In this first episode, a girl frets over the possible reasons why her boyfriend has not answered her text message...

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