Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where is all the petrol going?

Most people think I’m mad. And sometimes they can pinpoint it to one reason. Recently, it’s been my fanaticism with petrol.

“I need to travel as much as I can now!” The words keep spilling out of me, rushing towards anyone foolish enough to be near me. “I need to catch lots of planes within the next few years because, before we know it, petrol will have run out and then we won’t be able to catch any more planes!”

You can imagine peoples’ reactions.

Mostly they simply stare and then snort with laughter. “What?!” They always wonder if I’m joking or not and, while I’m often unsure as to whether I’m joking or not about the things I say, I am still concerned about the petrol issue.

I just don’t want to be paying ridiculous sums of money for plane trips in years to come when petrol is scant. So watch out everyone, you’ll regret not having caught that plane to Albuquerque in 2010 because you thought you’d wait a few years and then the price was jacked up to a gazillion dollars.

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