Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dream Destination

Here’s a thought.

If you can’t afford to travel as often as you’d like, whether it be due to a lack of finances, time or companionship or even agoraphobia, but you’d love to explore the furthest reaches of our planet, why not

Think about it, dreams transport the sleeper to wild, strange and exotic places on a nightly basis. The bonus is they’re free.

If you want to visit a particular place, watch a documentary on it right before bedtime and hopefully your brain will plant you in the middle of the destination during your shut eye.

Then you can have an adventure like mine in New Zealand.

I flew a helicopter across the tops of snow-covered mountains. We swept back and forth and I almost felt as though I were a bird, flying over the expanses and plains.

I walked through large forests and heard streams running by me, although I couldn’t see them. We swam in large lakes and caught bundles of fish using ancient techniques. We went abseiling and white water rafting.

I climbed trees and partook in feasts and sang shanties and fought beasts and met hobbits and -

Oh, wait. I’ve never actually been to New Zealand. I’d just been watching Lord of the Rings.

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