Thursday, March 4, 2010

Myrah and Mahalia's Travel Adventures

'Myrah and Mahalia's Travel Adventures' details the travel adventures of the MnMTravellers, two girls who consider themselves very clever to have concealed their true identities under the guise of 'Myrah' and 'Mahalia'. Of course, their physical appearance is no secret.

The duo decided to document their travel adventures when, after realising that people often laughed at them, that "we wanted to get more people laughing at us, so why not go digital?" This year they will travel around Australia, offering advice and tips (not always just on travelling) along the way. Their love for travelling, their wisdom and their innate ability to make fools of themselves provide the perfect basis for their vlog.

Our talented vloggers have devised 10 tips which will ensure a wonderful travelling holiday, no matter where or when one is. Myrah and Mahalia film the adventures that these tips inspire during their travels throughout the world. They also make a number of complementary videos which offer advice on certain aspects of life.

The MnMTravellers consider themselves travel experts; Myrah having lived in three countries and travelled extensively through Australasia with her parents and Mahalia having travelled on her own for 10 months through Europe, Africa and North America. "Our best source of knowledge is our love for travelling," says Myrah.

Popularity - The MnMTravellers are very proud to announce a new addition to their fan club, The MnMGroupies. The fanbase total now stands at 4. Myrah's mother is President.

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