Friday, March 5, 2010

Melbourne Vs. Sydney

In the spirit of the Sydney/Melbourne rivalry…

During our Melbourne getaway, we asked quite a few people which city they preferred: Melbourne or Sydney. The response was inevitably Melbourne. At first, I was pitching my tent with this camp too, until …

Back in Sydney, I went to see Antony play at the Sydney Opera House with my Mum. Before he came on stage, we amused ourselves by observing the demographic of the audience. His followers range from conservatively-dressed regular couples to potentials for The Rocky Horror Show. Perhaps it was the divine singing, or the glass of champagne I’d consumed during intermission, but something in me clicked.

I love Sydney.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Melbourne too. I think it’s a wonderful city: alive, vibrant, interesting and devoted to the arts. Very much my type of place.

However, after having seen a whole heap of cities last year, Sydney still strikes me as being one of the most tolerant and accepting.

The city’s teeming with variety. Everyone can be anyone. Of course there’s peer pressure here and undoubtedly you’ll run across the dime-a-dozen girls who look as though one girl cloned herself 11 times, but, if you have the desire you can wear what you want to wear. You can be who you want to be.

Those of us missing the European touch can hang out in suburbs such as Glebe or Erko. On a hot day, you can head to the beach. Good Asian food is always available just outside of Chinatown. To see superficial Sydney just visit Darling Harbour.

And Melbourne will never have the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I related all of this the other day to a German friend who I’d met in Sydney. “Finally!” She cried. “Finally you understand what a great city you live in!”

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